Develop & Discover


Every human-being is a creative creature in a world with infinite creative potential. Your vision is inside you, waiting to be exposed. It will reveal itself when you give space to your aliveness.

Vision Development

During the vision development we will manifest your vision, using the Why, How, What. Your vision can be about your life, your work, your passion, your own company. 
You will share your dreams, imaginations and everything that comes up. In the process we discover what make you come alive!


I set an atmosphere where you feel you have space. We will surpass restrictive boundaries. I write down and draw on a large piece of paper all the feelings, thoughts and images that come up in your awareness.

In this way we get a clear picture of :

  • Your ideal world (Why)

  • Your talents to helpt create that world (How)

  • A mold in which you find your talents (What)


In the vision development we connect with your aliveness. Recognizing that feeling empowers you in what you do in daily life. On a A-3 paper you have a tangible overview of your aliveness. After the sessions you receive a document with your vision, in clear words, broken down to its essence. 


A vision development entails two sessions and takes about two hours each. In an optional third session I can help you translate your vision into an organisation or structure you can use for example for your website. 

A vison development of two sessions costs €250,- exc. VAT and €340,- exc. VAT if your company is paying. 

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